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Download Youtube APK For Android, APK File Named And APP Developer Company Is Google Inc. . Latest Android APK Vesion Youtube Is Youtube 2.04.05 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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Watch all the videos you want on your Android mobile device! YouTube has become one of the most well known video content providers in the world, with millions of everyday users and endless videos to watch. Now, you can have the YouTube app on your Android device and carry it anywhere you go without having to use its desktop version on your mobile. Designed specially for mobile, this app takes advantage of your device’s screen size, thus creating a seamless experience which you can use on-the-go. With this app you will have access to all YouTube content and features that you already know and are used to, including the trending tab, recommended content based on your searches and the option to subscribe to channels. If you own an YouTube account, simply login on the app and all your subscribed channels will automatically appear as well as the tailored content showed specially for you based on the things you usually love and your interests. You can search the content you are looking for by typing it in on the search bar but also using voice search, which makes for an even better and easier experience. With YouTube you will always find a video that suits your tastes and you will never get bored as the opportunities are endless.

From version Youtube 2.04.05 :
Added: 2016-01-18 10:21:19
Modified: 2018-11-11 06:35:59
Updated: 2018-12-10 04:44:20

• Reduced memory usage

• Stability fixes

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Yo tampoco :'(

Wt smrt tv ar u using

I have also same problem

My problem is the same.

Please either fix this issue or remove this from store.


TV set android YouTube

TV set android youtube


downgrade to april update

Crashing problem YouTube is a not start

I have the same problem



Aku Tau Apa,Nicknamenya ARGUS 10 Akun Ke 2 SEA"Octopius

Nicknamenya apa

True, CAN'T sign in




mamak itu



lo que debes hacer es ingresar a internet desde el TV y ingresar tu cuenta desde Gmail, una vez hecho eso aparecera tu cuenta en youtobe

Not fake. It's for the Android TV!

suscribe Zenmato

gak bisa login

anjing lolu


Iya Memang kanapa

iya lo

Beraninya Kau Anjir

Lu Yang bego

lo aja jirat memek

Bego Amat Lu Itu



não esta carregando os videos pra mim assisti,arrume isso

no they stole my Youtube and deleted it

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you go to settings then go to log in

You gonna put a link or something?

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Qual a sua música favorita

Qual a sua música favorita

eu adoro VC gota de funk



a mi tambien

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Tienes que ir hacia la derecha y comenzaras a escribir.

es verdad

so formatar os dados salvos do aplicativo e abri-lo novamente, quando pedir para autorizar o uso do microfone no aplicativo, diga que nao e marque a opcao nao perguntar novamente.

formate os dados salvos e em cache do aplicativo, quando abrir de novo ele vai pedir pra autorizar o microfone, escolha ´nao´ e marque nao perguntar novamente e pronto.

formate o aplicativo (dados salvos e em cache), quando aparecer a solicitaçao de uso do microfone selecione “nao“ e marque a opcao nao perguntar novamente e pronto.. nunca mais o microfone vai incomodar

ya lol

ya lol

confimed/ working on firestick 01/07/2018

That's because it like a tv or console version and the setup differs to the other versions of the app

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You have to install the google play services just search it up on YouTube and I'll come up



I do not like it.


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sick run

sick run



' Sonic unleashed

needs hdr support

no comments

yo tambien espero

espero una actualizacion donde muestre los botones de paise y siguiente, además mas para poder cambiar la resolucion me gusta esta version :)

give us back our pairing ability!

Works perfectly on my Nvidia Shied 5*

no se babe loco

program good link

me gusta descargela

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